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Rethink Money Ltd is a regulated financial intermediary with a license to trade as a mortgage, insurance and investment broker. So… we are legit, and have intuitive software to make it all easy.



No more sales bias, no more jargon, no more human error. Making those big or small financial decisions has never been so transparent.

Free forever

Free forever

Not only is it free forever but we save you thousands. Our high-tech approach means big savings for you.



A seamless mobile experience providing you with the best financial advice you could receive 24/7.



Everything you need to know about your own personal finances without the jargon. Just simple tools and text.

Financial clarity

What makes Rethink Money unique is it's mix of sophisticated code and regulatory standards. We have condensed all the rules, calculations and logic that go with financial planning into a single app. We focus on making the process as simple as possible for you while holding true to the standards and practices that the Central Bank demand.

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Health check

Scoring algorithms work in the background to grade the health of your finances

One platform for all products

Control all insurances and investments from one platform

Monthly in-app updates.

Your account updates itself around the clock. You can check in anytime you want.

A digital, ever-evolving financial plan

One financial plan that grows with you with scoring and priorities to help lead you in the right direction

Who we work with

Our business' Foundation/charity work

We at Rethink Money always believe in giving to those in need. Our current pledge is to the suffering of the people in the Ukraine. 10% of the company's profits will be donated to that cause so by working with Rethink Money you are helping yourself and helping others.